Kari’s family – exiled from Norway

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(Name changed and photo blurred to to protect privacy)

My daughter was born in Norway in 2010, and her father – my husband – is Australian. It is only now, three years later, I have come to understand that we might have jeopardised her and our future by acquiring what was rightfully hers: an Australian citizenship. I realise we might not have gone into the depth of UDI’s information available online, but we were of the understanding that a child born to two different nationalities would be allowed to keep both.

Moving back to Norway was on the cards for us. We were heading back in the middle of 2015. Now, it seems, we might not be able to go back at all – or we will have to divide our family to make it happen, because my daughter’s citizenship was taken from her without notice.

I am Norwegian. I lived there for 22 years. I vote, pay my taxes, volunteer, eat brown cheese and celebrate 17th of May every year. My parents, grandparents and pretty much everyone before that, were all Norwegian. And I thought my daughters were, too. Since moving to Australia we have had another one. She is Norwegian, too. But she is also Australian – because she was born there. The difference is that she gets to keep both citizenships. She has not even been to Norway.

Why is there such discrimination? Why does the Norwegian government exile Norwegian families that have but one wish: to live and work in Norway?

Our family is now looking at the depressing possibility of never being able to return, to always have to have Norway as a holiday destination, and never as our home. My child is exiled from Norway.


Et barn som er født i Norge av en norsk far eller mor er ikke alltid norsk.

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