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Agnes and Elliot – Norwegian again

Twin sisters Agnes and Elliot, who had their Norwegian passports revoked while in Australia, can finally move home. VG (4/2/14)

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Who is Norwegian?

  Click to enlarge. VG (9/2/14)

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Same thing?

Agnes and Elliot are treated the same way as John Fredriksen. He is previously Norways richest man, while they are 2 girls about to start school. Should the girls not be aforded any protection by the Norwegian government?! Post by

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Immigrants give up on Norway


Having kids in a multicultural family, carries obligations on future mobility. When they strip the citizenship of your children, just because they where born in whats their own land, it chips away on your trust in the system. Its hard

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Dual citizenship granted in most cases

Tore Letvik writes in today’s Dagsavisen about dual citizenship being common practice at UDI. Figures from UDI given to Dagsavisen show that 44067 people have been granted Norwegian citizenship since 1 January 2010. 22974, or 52% of those, also retained

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Will Nina get political help?

Nina Sivertsen, from Vanse, can not bring her twin daughters to Norway from Australia. This has created a stir among politicians. Was this really what the politicians wanted when they passed the Nationality Act in 2005? Read more here:

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UDI adapts their information


After the story about Nina Sivertsen broke, many concerned families have wondered what the situation is for their children. UDI has now updated their webpages to make it explicit that the Norwegian Citizenship is of no particular importance for Norwegian

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Move home to Farsund denied


Svein Morten Havaas writes in Lister and Farsund Avis about Nina Sivertsen from Vanse. Nina was to move home with her Australian husband and 3 children. They where aghast when UDI told them only 1 of their daughters were allowed

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“Just plain stupid”


VG writes the followup on Nina’s situation: “This is just plain stupid”. “The Labour party does not want to open for dual citizenship”, says the party’s immigration policy spokeswoman Lise Christoffersen. “But this is totally unreasonable. We should make an

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Australian-Norwegian couple fight officialdom for children’s dual nationality right


Michael Sandelson at the Foreigner writes about how the Norwegian immigration authorities’ decision to revoke the citizenship of children born to a mixed nationality couple, sparks a campaign to reexamine the rules. The twins Norwegian citizenship was automatically forfeited when they received

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